Whistleblower System

We have introduced a whistleblower system that you can use if you suspect someone is violating our workplace rules. It may be a violation of the law, sexual harassment, or gross violations of internal rules. It could also be unethical behaviour, or other objectionable matters of a certain severity. The system is not to be used for minor matters, but for matters of a certain severity.

If you use the system, it is completely anonymous. No one will be able to find out who wrote the message.

It is important to us that our corporate culture is open, secure and trusting. For us, it is vital that violations of rules and unethical behaviour come to light, and are handled in a proper way. We want to run a company that not only complies with the rules, but is also characterised by strong values and high ethical standards. Who we are and how we behave is crucial to whether others trust us. Our customers, suppliers and partners,
and the community of which we are a part.

How does our whistleblower system work?

You can access our whistleblower system by entering the following link:

Link to the whistleblower system

Username: whistleblower@elektromontage.se
Password: Elektromont@ge1967

You can then access a page where you can describe your suspicion or concern.
Then you press send.