Elektromontage Power installation

Elektromontage Power

Elektromontage Power can offer low and high voltage solutions for the industry or for energy distribution companies. We are ready to engage in a wide range of commitments from small service actions to complete plants.

Based on our broad knowledge and extensive experience we can support customers both in new as well as old plants with:

  • Power installation
  • Electrical site responsibility
  • Cable technology
  • Service and functional testing
  • Relay protection and testing

Elektromontage Power performs erection and installation of electrical equipment on turnkey basis with full involvement and openness with the customer.

We can offer:

Power installation

Power installation of transformers, high and low voltage switchgears and process equipment for the industrial and distribution markets.

Reconstruction of switches and switchgears.

Electrical site responsibility

We can take over the customers role as electrical site responsible and do what’s necessary to follow legislations and requirements regarding personnel safety as well as  property safety.

Cable technology

Elektromontage Power can do cabling including connections. We are certified for joints and connections in the power range between 0,4 to 70kV.

Service and functional testing

Elektromontage Power can perform functional testing with the aim to secure safe operation of the equipment or the plant. We can also engage in replacements of equipment or service activities.

Relay protection and testing

Elektromontage Power can perform programming of relay protection and testing of relay protection. We have extensive knowledge and experience of relay protection systems from Siemens and ABB.

Further we are authorized for installation activities on level A.

Some of our customers are:
ABB, Relacom , Gröna lund, EON, Billerud Korsnäs, Holmen, Vattenfall Service, Gränges.

Elektromontage Power

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