Marine classifications

Elektromontage has worked in the international market for many years with marine applications, both for Commercial, Coast Guard and Navy use. These products often require different types of certifications and classifications. These requirements are verified by a Classification Society via documentation control and on-site product testing in one of Elektromontage factories.

Examples of products that Elektromontage can supply in the marine market are:

Starting equipment <1 kV/6300A as well as <13.5 kV/400A

  • Direct start
  • YD start
  • Auto transformer start
  • Soft start
  • VFD start

 Switchgear <1kV/6300A

  • MCC form 4B

 Control Equipment

  • Oil & Gas handling system
  • HVAC / Ventilation system
  • Cargo handling system
  • Relay protection, high voltage and low voltage system
  • Generator control and Generator protection
  • Propulsion system
  • Battery system, energy storage and UPS system

Elektromontage has experience with most major Classification Societies, for example:

The product will then receive a certificate, which guarantees that it conforms to the specific requirements for the delivery by the classification society. This relates to technical documentation, components included, safety and environmental requirements in addition to the basic requirements of the relevant electrical standard.

The fact that Elektromontage can deliver on the basis of the requirements of these classification societies verifies that the organisation's technical knowledge and production process maintain high quality and reliability.

For the customer, Elektromontage is a safe and reliable partner in terms of technical support, design as well as production and delivery for products with Marine classifications. This gives the customer's project a high level of credibility since Elektromontage as a supplier can attest to extensive experience in certifications and classifications.