Certifications for the North American market

Elektromontage has extensive experience of working in the North American market regarding certification of electrical equipment for industrial use. The products often have requirements for different types of certifications and classifications. These requirements are verified by UL / CSA via documentation control and product tests on site in one of Elektromontage factories.

Elektromontage has experience in many different types of industries, for example:

  • Oil / Gas
  • Sawmill
  • Pulp / Paper
  • Mining industry
  • Machinery industry

Examples of products that Elektromontage can deliver in the North American market are:

  • Starting equipment
  • Direct starter
  • YD starter
  • Soft starter
  • VFD starter
  • Switchgear
  • MCC
  • Control equipment

The product receives a certificate that guarantees that it complies with the specific requirements set by the market for delivery. This refers to technical documentation, components, safety and environmental requirements in addition to the basic requirements of the relevant electrical standard.

The fact that Elektromontage can deliver products that are based on these requirements, verifies that the organization's technical knowledge and production process maintains a high quality and reliability.

Elektromontage is a safe and reliable partner in terms of technical support, design, production and delivery of products with North American requirements. This gives the customer's project a high level of credibility as Elektromontage as a supplier can certify a long experience of certifications.

Elektromontage builds products that are designed after the following UL/CSA standards:

Motor Control Center UL 845

Motor control centers, including motor control center sections and units, or equipment intended for field installation into a motor control center. MCC´s are covered by the Standard for Motor Control Centers, UL845.

ANSI/UL 845, "Motor Control Centers."

CSA-C22.2 No. 254 (2005), "Motor Control Centers."

Switchbords UL 891

A freestanding assembly of circuit breakers and busses for control of electric light and power circuits or equipment intended for field installation in dead-front switchboards are covered by the Standard for Switchboards, UL 891. 

ANSI/UL 891, "Switchboards."

CSA-C22.2 No. 244, "Switchboards."

Industrial Control Panels UL 508A

Industrial control panels intended for general industrial use are covered by the Standard for Industrial Control Panels UL508A.

C22.2 No. 14-13, Industrial Control Equipment

CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 94-M91, Special Purpose Enclosures

CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 73 - 1953, Electrically Equipped Machine Tools