Motor Control Center (MCC)

In our surroundings, we come across devices and appliances that rely on electricity. Within industrial settings, systems such as heating, ventilation, lighting, and machinery require electrical power to operate. Serving as the epicenter of power distribution for these electrical loads are diverse control panels, including distribution switchgears and motor control centers, complemented by other power distribution assets like transformers and industrial control panels.

Understanding Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Electric motors necessitate power supply and control for their operation. While simpler versions involve equipment for motor start and stop, often the demands surpass these basics. A Motor Control Center (MCC) encompasses a cluster of assorted starting components housed in a shared unit. This assembly comprises one or more incoming protected feeders channeling power to collection rails that traverse the entire unit. Enclosed compartments within the unit house outgoing groups where specific loads receive their power supply and control. An outgoing group might entail multiple elements like switches, fuses, push buttons, lights, in addition to data communication and measurement devices. All these components align with the function assigned to the outgoing group. The design also features sections for external connections, fuses catering to lighter loads, and segments designated for measurement. The diversity is extensive, unlocking numerous potential applications.


Motor Control Centers (MCCs) find utility in various domains:

Power Generation: Within power generation, they assume roles in controlling and managing diverse auxiliary systems for gas turbines, encompassing lubricating oil pumps, fuel pumps, ventilation fans, and heaters.

Maritime: For maritime applications, they govern pump motors, compressors, and auxiliary systems.

Mining: In mining, they power sorting systems and ventilation.

Industrial Machinery: For industrial clients, Motor Control Centers regulate the distribution and control of production lines, conveyors, cranes, lifts, and more.


Elektromontage Siemens Sivacon S8

Siemens Sivacon Switchgear Systems

Elektromontage AB is a licensed partner to Siemens with authority to sell, design, manufacture and deliver Siemens Sivacon switchgear to our customers.

In the process we add value by our market knowledge and our flexibility to adapt to the customers specification sometimes late in the process where close collaboration between the customer and the manufacturing process is crucial for success. The partnership with Siemens has also been an advantage in terms of customer feedback and design improvements.

Siemens Sivacon is a switchgear with a high degree of standardization suitable for industrial applications.  

Cubic Switchgear System

Elektromontage AB has a partnership relation with Cubic. This partnership gives us the ability to offer and deliver very flexible switchgear systems in terms of space and application. The system is designed around modules that easily can be adapted.

Cubic fit well into our product portfolio and can be configured in many ways which gives us advantages compared to more traditional switchgear suppliers.

Advantages & Specifications

With over five decades of experience, Elektromontage crafts, manufactures, delivers, and installs comprehensive control panels tailored to industries and machinery applications. Our profound expertise spanning design, project management, production, and installation of MCCs equipped with project-specific requisites instills confidence among our clientele.

We can offer an unique mix of switchgears meeting various specifications both standardized and adapted solutions with our licensed hardware Siemens Sivacon S8 and Cubic.

Our focus is on switchgears for industrial and /or machinery applications high requirements on safety, availability, reliability and degree of automation.