Power Generation

Power generation is the process of converting various energy sources, such as fossil fuels (coal, natural gas), renewables (solar, wind, hydro), and nuclear materials, into electricity. This involves harnessing the inherent energy of these sources through different methods, like combustion, steam turbines, or photovoltaic cells. The generated electricity is then transmitted through grids to homes, industries, and institutions, powering our daily lives. Power generation is a vital component of modern infrastructure, impacting economic growth, environmental sustainability, and technological progress.

The concepts of power generation and energy prices have become widely discussed lately, due to several global events . An interesting consequence of the rising prices is that global electrification might slow down, as new users simply cannot afford to purchase electricity. However, the global trends of increased electricity usage remain evident, particularly in China and Asia, where substantial markets exist for both electricity production and consumption.

Increasing Global Production Capacity

Over the past 15 years, the installed production capacity has doubled globally, and the demand for electricity is projected to remain high in the coming decade. Despite some regression to coal in recent years, renewable energy sources will lead the way in development.

Investments in solar and wind power are already significant, constituting about two-thirds of the total global capacity addition. At the same time, it is important to emphasize that natural gas will continue to play a significant role, especially in China and Asia. Suppliers of gas turbines and similar technologies are actively working on improving efficiency, performance, and integrating hydrogen combustion, which could completely transform the landscape.

Elektromontage future in Power Generation

Europe faces challenges with rapidly increasing gas prices and the phasing out of nuclear power. This has resulted in a lack of necessary baseload power during the coldest, darkest, and calmest days of the year, leading to excessively high electricity prices and various forms of government subsidies. To counter this, a greater emphasis on solar and wind power is needed, alongside the further development of energy storage and control technologies to manage baseload demand sustainably.

At Elektromontage, we are committed to being a part of the future developments in power generation. Historically, we have been a successful subcontractor to some of the largest manufacturers in the field. Our adaptable processes and knowledgeable staff enable us to quickly respond to new requirements and innovate solutions. We possess a broad range of experience across various application areas in power generation and have extensive expertise in standard practices and classification.


Applications and Products

In the field of electricity production, Elektromontage provides products for the control and management of various auxiliary systems for gas turbines. These include lubricating oil pumps, fuel pumps, ventilation fans, and heaters.

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