A long-term approach in both thought and action

Now is temporary, it is the rate of improvements that determines our success in the long term. We want Elektromontage to evolve. To succeed, our customers and suppliers need to have confidence in us. We believe in building strategic alliances to secure and strengthen our future on the market. 

We also believe that teamwork is the foundation of a constantly developing organization, where we together utilize and develop our knowledge. 

In order to keep and attract the right competence within the company, we offer stimualting tasks where saftey, health and the enviroment are prioritized.

We want to be active in the society we work in, by offering internships and supporting the local associations. Leadership for us is characterized by curiosity and constantly striving to be better. Below you can see our core values that characterizes everything we do.

Customer focus

  • We all have the same customer
  • We have the customer´s trust
  • We understand the customer´s needs
  • We ensure that the customer feels safe

Continuous improvements

  • We want everyone to participate in our improvement work 
  • We standardize our way to work 
  • We visualizes improvements  

Right from me

  • We provide the right information and product to the recipient
  • We stop the production if an error are detected
  • Feedback is a natural part of our work

Respect for the individual

  • We listen to each other
  • We belive that participation creates engagement  
  • Discrimination of any kind is not accepted