During the early electrification of our society, electricity was employed across various domains, with illumination being one example. However, the most significant transformation occurred within the industrial sector. Harnessing electricity to power machinery yielded tremendous benefits in comparison to steam engines and other mechanical systems. An ongoing challenge, faced by machinery manufacturers even today, is the substantial energy demand during startup. Consequently, numerous methods, referred to as "starters," have been developed over the years to initiate electric pumps, machinery, and other functions.

Elektromontage has extensive experience in the design and production of starting equipment and motor control centers for various applications, ranging from small pumps with just a few kW to large propeller equipment with several MW. We can supply individual starting equipment and/or complete motor control centers that are fully certified, including direct start, YD start, soft start, and frequency converters in power ranges from 4kW/1000V up to 3MW/11.4kV.

All equipment can be classified by: DNVGL, BV, LRS, ABS, NKI, and CCS.

Soft starter

A soft starter is an electronic starting function where energy consumption during startup is limited, and voltage gradually increases until the operating voltage is reached. The time this takes can vary depending on the application's requirements. A frequency inverter is an electronic control function that regulates an electric motor by adjusting both frequency and voltage in the power supply. It can also control ramp-up and ramp-down during start and stop. Elektromontage represents the soft starter manufacturer Solcon in Sweden.

A soft starter reduces wear and tear on transmissions, shafts, and bearings with each start. Wear and tear is significantly reduced, especially in large starting equipment where there is often a large mass to be set in motion at the moment of startup.

Service costs often decrease dramatically, and equipment availability increases with a soft starter. Solcon has a long reference list of advanced soft starter deliveries for both low and high-voltage installations.

Pump starter

A simple pump starter is a feature designed to activate pump functions in a straightforward and reliable manner while minimizing the strain on the power grid. This can be achieved through techniques like Y/D-start, soft starting, or frequency conversion, contingent on customer preferences. In larger applications such as ship propulsion systems, the possibilities are more restricted. Here, meticulous design is required to initiate the machinery as energy-efficiently and weight-optimized as possible, taking into account the generator, electrical system, and onboard weight constraints.

Auto-transformer starter

An auto-transformer starter is a tried-and-true starting method involving substantial alternating contactors and temporarily elevated voltage in the motor circuit. The aim is to mitigate current spikes during startup and acceleration. Often, this approach is more cost-effective than electronic solutions.

Experience and capacity

All these variations of starting systems, coupled with classification requirements, national standards, and the demanding operational environment, influence the necessary design. Elektromontage has acted as a supplier of various starting systems for many years and thus serves as a dependable partner in these matters. Their starters have been supplied to a multitude of marine applications, encompassing both civilian and military contexts, where stringent demands have been placed on design and performance.

We can supply from 4kW up to 1750kW/230-1000V and from 0.2MWA to 21.8MWA/2.3-13.8kV.