Elektromontage marine automation

Marine Automation

Elektromontage AB design and manufacture equipment for marine applications suitable for tradition marine classification but also in application with shock and or ATEX requirements.

Our customer are active in commercial, offshore or military marine applications and our scope is typically focused at starting equipment, motor switchgears or control equipment.

We have experience with the classifications  DNVGL, BV, LRS, ABS, NKI och CCS

Elektromontage starting equipment

Starting Equipment

Elektromontage AB has extensive experience of design and manufacturing of starting equipment and motor switchgears for a wide range of applications from small kW pumps to propulsion equipment of several MW.  We have the capability to deliver starting equipment including direct start, YD start, soft start and starts with frequency transformers in the power range from 4kW/1000V to 3MW/11,4 kV.

We also represent the Solcon softstarters in the power range from 0,1kW/230V to 21MW/13,8kV.

All equipment can be classified according to DNVGL, BV, LRS, ABS, NKI och CCS

Control Systems

Extensive skills and applications.

Elektromontage often delivers entire control systems for controlling specific equipment. The control systems are used in a variety of applications, ranging from controlling a self-unloading/loading machine for concrete on a ship or a complex cooling system for controlling an individual pump.

The extent of our expertise ranges from design to manufacturing the finished cabinets as well as commissioning the systems on site.

A delivery often includes, in addition to an apparatus cabinet, MCC switchgear with PLCs, operator panels, programming and commissioning of equipment at the shipyard.

Solcon Soft Starter

Elektromontage represents soft starter manufacturer Solcon in Sweden. 

A soft starter restricts the wear on the transmission, axles and bearings following each start-up. Wear is severely restricted, particularly on large starter equipment where there is often a large mass to be set in motion at the point of starting. 

Service costs are often dramatically cut and the availability of the equipment increases with a soft starter. Solcon has a very long list of references on advanced deliveries of soft starters for both low and high voltage equipment. 

We can supply from 4kW up to 1750kW/230-1000V and 0.2MWA-21.8MWA/2.3-13.8kW.


Elektromontage works with several large, international motor manufacturers. This arrangement offers our customers significant benefits in terms of project coordination and delivery precision.

In partnerships with Italian Electro Adda, German Wölfer and French Leroy Somer, we supply marine class motors to European bow propeller manufacturers in the size class 350-2000kW/380-6600V.


We help you all the way! 

Our assignments frequently include a requirement that the design, construction and installation of equipment must adhere to the rules and regulations of a marine classification society. Where a rating of equipment is necessary, in addition to calling in a classification surveyor, we also organise tests at our workshop, and handle the certificates. 

When testing, equipment is often connected up and functional tests are carried out on all the equipment together with PLC if applicable.   
The most common societies are: LRS, GL, BV, DNV, RINA and ABS (USCG, IEEE45) but we have also classified equipment at CCS, RMRS, and Class NK.