Say hello to our new employees

 Say hello to our new employees - Jan-Olov, Paria, Nick and Kristian!

Jan-Olov has many years of experience in electrical design and when he's not managing projects with us, he takes care of guests at the blues club Blå Kaktus in Norrköping, a pub that he co-runs.

Paria came to Sweden from Iran just over a year ago and has a 4-year university education in electrical engineering with a focus on electrical power engineering. Therefore, it was probably not so strange that she came into contact with Elektromontage even before she moved here!

Nick works with our sales department and took notice on us as we work with a variety of international companies around the world. And we are grateful that Nick chose to move across the Atlantic and subsequently start with us!

Kristian has a background as a programmer and has many years of experience as a project manager with responsibility for delivery and service of ship simulators. He was then in Gothenburg but has now found his home in Östergötland again. We are extremely happy to have you guys in our group!