Our business relies on our talented engineers

We have made a name worldwide because we deliver on our promises, offer competitive prices and not least thanks to our competent engineers who deliver unique technical solutions. 

Our extensive experience and the high competence of our employees have made us both an attractive employer and an attractive supplier of marine applications, switchgear and industrial automation. We do what others find difficult and have a good reputation for being a technically competent company.  Proof of our ability is that we have customers who come back year after year with new tasks. For example, we have supplied control equipment to ABB since 1995 and have produced marine equipment for the company since 2010.

Our partner Spectrum Power in Bucharest

Today, Elektromontage has employees who have been with the company for more than 30 years. We have also recruited from abroad, which means that English is a natural part of the operations in Söderköping.

– We have a partnership with the engineering company Spectrum Power in Bucharest, Romania, which we are very pleased with. In addition to helping us with competence in the field of electric power, they have assisted with recruitment. Romania has very good educations for electrical design engineers, says Roberth Karlsson, Managing Director of Elektromontage. 

One of our employees here in Söderköping, Eduard Mustata, has moved here from Romania.
– I have worked as a consultant at Elektromontage before. After being here a few times, I decided to move here. I like how Elektromontage thinks, it is similar to the way I want to work. I am in the factory to see and test if my design works and I can solve problems right away if something is not working properly.