The construction of our new premises is progressing

The construction of our new warehouse and production premises in Söderköping will soon be finished. In addition to the 450 sqm for our own use, we will be able to rent out 600 sqm. The new premises will allow us to expand our capacity to handle the expected increase in orders over the next few years.

The house is finished, now only the interior is left to do: electrical installations, plumbing and ventilation. If all goes well, we and our new tenants will be able to move into our new premises at the beginning of March. We are building 450 sqm in order to expand our own production, and another 600 sqm that we will rent out.
– The construction began 1 and a half years ago, so it has been a long wait, says our CEO Roberth Karlsson.

This expansion will allow us to expand production in order to meet future demand.
– This will allow us to take on larger projects, such as building entire control rooms on site. It also means that we will be increasing our staff during the year.

When we began, the plan was for us to move in at the beginning of December, but construction was delayed due to a lack of steel.
– Now we want to get it finished and to begin our expanded production.