Complete control equipment for South America

​We are proud of our first order direct from South America, with final destination in Bolivia. Delivery is a proof of how quickly and efficiently Elektromontage acts towards customers. 

The order came from Brazil in February, the first delivery is already at site and the remaining part of the order is delivered continuously until November when everything will be installed. Brazilian technicians have carried out control of the equipment in place at the power plant in Bolivia and were very pleased with the performance.

The delivery consists of complete control equipment for gas turbine facilities, a total of 11 plants with 2 control cabinets in each facility. The turbine's vital lubricating oil system is controlled and monitored by the delivered equipment.

The supply includes relay protection where Elektromontage also provides synchronization and programming of relay protection. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) equipment was also provided.

Elektromontage is a producer of electrical automation and power products with MSEK 110 in sales with factories in Söderköping and Lithuania with exports to around 20 countries worldwide. Our 70 employees are focused on designing and building Electricity Automation to world-leading companies in power generation, marine- and machine applications.

Our excellence in Marine classifications, eg Loyds Register of Shipping or ATEX competencies, mean that we are constantly receiving new assignments from highly demanding customers. With our values ​​"Right from me", "Continuous Improvements," Customer Focus "and" Respect for people ", our customers get the right product in right time to the right cost.