Daniel Karlsson

  • Borned: 1991
  • Education: M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management focusing on Innovation and Strategic Business Development , Luleå University
  • Employment: Saab Graduate Leadership Program focusing on Operations Management och Strategic Planning

Motivation: I am a part of Elektromontage YAB to contribute to the development of the company as well as broaden my knowledge about managing a mid-sized company.

Lisa Hartikainen

  • Borned: 1990
  • Education: B.Sc in Human Resources, Linköpings Universitet
  • Employment: Specialist in employer branding and recruiting.

Motivation: I want to be a part of Elektromontage YAB because it is such a relevant, exciting and important initative that contributes to Elektromontage way of attracting and maintaining the future young professionalls of the company.

Patrik Boström

  • Borned: 1994
  • Education: M.Sc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Jönköping University
  • Employment: Logistics and e-commerce at Lexington Company

Motivation: I want to be a part of Elektromontage YAB because it is an interesting and exciting initiative. An initiative where a younger generation gets the opporunity to affect the development of Elektromontage in the future. My goal is to help the company get even more competetive and attractive as an employer.

Lucas Karlsson

  • Borned: 1994
  • Education: B.Sc in Industrial Enginnering and Management, Jönköping University
  • Employment: Regional Key Acoount Manager at Save-by-Solar

Motivation: As a part of the owner-family it is in my biggest interest that Elektromontage constantly develops and continues to be a competetive player on the market. In 2018 Elektromontage celebrated 50 years in business. I want to be a part of Elektromontage YAB in order to help the company make sure that we, in the future, can celebrate a 100 years.